Eye Candyie was founded in North America in the Midwest of the country plains. Staying true to Womanhood even after Motherhood. Women let’s face it once we have our multiple kids we evolve and can slip away into this place of just existing. Our desire remains to want to be beautiful as well as be comfortable because at least when the feeling of being sexy escapes us since we lack the energy and time of day comfort and reality is all we have. Created carefully curated collections with quality, comfort, and versatility as the focal point of a true mother of multiples on the go of all ages and sizes— Eye Candyie has put together what we deem are the essentials cozy comfortable pieces, with pops of color, playful prints, and globally-inspired finds. Our collections invite our mothers in partnership to discover something cozy comfortable and chic and unique for running around every day.

From the beginning we ask how we would be unique, inspire women to feel good no matter what stage they are in motherhood or their age. Believing that mothers run the world and can do all things better than most and that is what makes us different. WIth all mothers have to do we designed this philosophy in mind.